If you want to know more about the Studio, watch this behind-the-scenes video. 

We take you on a tour of the Studio, to show you exactly what's inside and how much you will enjoy being a Studio member!

A quick summary of what's inside:

Video Library - Access your extensive library of clear, easy-to-follow home exercise videos from Vida Wellness... 

- More than 50 home exercise videos, with exclusive member-only workouts and new videos every month

- Choose videos from different categories, so you can easily find the right video for you (whether you want to improve your balance, strengthen your muscles or relieve stiff joints) 

- Select from short videos (starting from 3 minutes), when you want to do a quick something, and longer videos for when you have more time or energy. 

- Save the videos that work best for you as Favourites. Find them quickly and easily next time you log in. 

- Watch the videos on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer). You can use them when you are away on holiday and staying with friends.

Knowledge Zone - We created this section to inform, inspire and help you to a healthier future.

- Learn about keeping your bones strong, your joints healthy and your brain sharp.

- Enjoy Technique Tips, talks and articles about staying active and healthy for longer.

- Get help with motivation and making activity an enjoyable and easy part of your daily routine.

- Use the Bookmarks feature to select content that looks interesting and you want to view later. Get back to your Bookmarks anytime with a couple of clicks. 

- Take advantage of the Member Q&A feature. Submit your question and Claudine will record a personalised video answer for you! 

Members' Forum - For when you have questions, or need support and encouragement.

- Share comments on any of the videos or content in the Studio. Let us know which videos you enjoy, when you do them and any questions you have about the exercises.

- Get advice and support from the Vida Wellness team, so you feel confident doing the videos and exercising at the right level for you.

- Use the Private Consultation area to get confidential advice and support from Claudine (other members cannot see what you post here).

- Get to know other members and support each other to stay active. Share your experiences and learn from others.

- Feel part of a friendly community who understand your challenges and want you to succeed.

- This is a private, members-only forum. It's built into our site and we won't share anything you write here outside of the Studio.

Are the Studio videos right for you?

Click on the tabs below to see (and try!) some of the videos from the Studio

  • Better Balance
  • feel stronger
  • improve my posture
  • Move More Easily
  • Brain Boosts

Better balance means you can feel confident and steady on your feet. It's easier to go out, see friends and actively participate in life when you aren't worried about your balance. 

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